simple solutions that will help to keep the lights on during the crisis

Epidemiological situation in the world and as following economical crisis significantly undermined all the spheres of business and social life of almost all world populations.

Thousands of companies have to move their employees on a distant work but not all spheres can afford such kind of work that makes all the business owners take extreme measures – reduce business and staff members.

But there is a solution! – Business Automatization.

We cannot claim that it can stop virus spread but help some spheres to overcome such a period painlessly and operatively for sure can. For the start let’s determine which spheres exactly:

  • maintenance team
  • service departments and companies
  • cleaning companies
  • HVAC
  • plumbing companies
  • companies that provide maintenance services to people



How does it work?


Let’s give a simple example: your an owner of a company that provides maintenance services of anything and your specialists all day in the field completing orders: staring from repair of furniture or plumbing and ending with the maintenance of ventilation systems, ACs, coffee machines, and etc. The list can be really long but the essence is one. In the usual situation, orders are taken either on the phone by a dispatcher or on the website. Meetings and briefings are regularly taken as a motivation to not let employees relax and everyone thinks that it really works. 

Maybe but the situation of pandemic and total quarantine disrupts this way of life.

We offer to not leave for tomorrow and today try all the features of the platform that allows you to control your employees remotely, save service quality, and with all of this reduce personal contacts.  The tools of the SaaS platform EVERIS allow you not just to be on connection with your specialists 24/7 but in the real-time mode see how the working process is going on, take orders, and operatively process it. 


We offer specific tools for work improvement:


Admin panel “Everis” :

  1. Online orders accepting. It is enough for your clients just to install the app that will allow them to order services that you provide just in a few clicks. At the same moment, we would like to underline that dispatcher’s workload will be reduced by 60% virtue by reduction of phone calls and order processing 
  2. An instant order distribution among specialists based on their working schedules
  3. Control of orders’ statuses in the real-time mode (orders’ map and separation of process on steps: assigned, en route, in work)
  4. Tracking of specialists
  5. Notification of clients and specialists about news and changes with the help of push-notifications channel and mailing
  6. Payment by any convenient method
  7. Analytical unit will help to make the right conclusions on time


Mobile App for specialists “Everis Pro”:

  1. Specialist’s profile registration.
  2. Assigned orders control
  3. Taking orders in work
  4. Taking of payment for the order
  5. Information about the client and full order details
  6. Choice of orders status: “En route”, “In work”, “Completed”
  7. Navigation till a place of order


Mobile app for the clients “Everis User”:

  1. Call for a master to home or office
  2. Choice of convenient date and time
  3. Attached problem photo to an order
  4. Notifications about specialist’s arrival
  5. Electronic invoice via email
  6. Feedback 
  7. Rating system of provided services
  8. Payment with any convenient way
  9. Orders history

It’s just the smallest part of all the features that we provide as the basic tariff for free!

Simple and effective management now available to any company with the EVERIS Platform!

Be closer to your clients and specialists!

Manager IT & Marketing

Karina Demidenko LLC Everis Tech

Project Manager

Olga Polhovskaya LLC Everis Tech