EVERIS software for Pest control services

EVERIS Team offers its own long-term experience and deep knowledge for effective management of companies in the service industry

Effective solutions for your company

Manage the time 

1. Reduct a number of administrative tasks and time for the endless documents. 

2. In EVERIS platform you can schedule your employees, track orders completion of cartridges repair of refueling, automatically create the invoices and certificates.

3. Track the GPS-location of your specialists and spent time on order completion.

Electronic documentation

1. The generation of invoices is done automatically at once after provided services.

2. The approval of the provided services is by an electronic signature. 

3. All this documentation with ease you can check in the admin panel, and print at any moment as well.

Analytics of company’s effectiveness

1. Statistics of the time and recourses spent on orders’ completion for a specific period.

2. Convenient tracking of income and expenses.

3. Quick access to key indicators of a company’s work, completed services, specialists’ effectiveness.

4. Simple reports.

5. Analytics in the real-time mode.

Advantages for a client

1. The commercials or non-commercial makes an order in the app.

2. In the pointed time a specialist from your company comes and does the necessary complex of services. 

3. After service completion, a client sign in the app, and the certificate of completed services are generated and sent to a client’s email.

4. The services are paid online.

5. Generated QR code is scanned by a client redirecting him to the page of payment.

Automated assistant

1. A route till the place of order.

2. Analytics of specialist’s working effectiveness.

3. Client’s LTV.

4. System of loyalty and impact of ratings from the perspective of a company’s work.

Ready solution for your company!

Everis Assistant has a module structure and ready for integration with other CRM-systems.

We are ready to develop additional modules for your service company.

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