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The main tool – mobile app

A specialist – is a person who completes a clients’ orders “in the field”. It can be a plumber, courier, servicemen or etc.
The app for specialists is available for iOS and Android.

Understandable order – 50% of task completion

Getting a maximally understandable for a specialist order – is a key to the successful completion of a service.
A specialist gets a notification about a new order in his app and sees a route to a place.

Notifications’ automatization

A specialist gets orders as push-notifications in the app. It is fast and comfortable.

Service rating

Don’t forget that in the current time reviews about a company are based on reviews about specialists.
There is a unit with reviews about the work of each specialist in the system.

The opportunity to rate a specialist’s work can be used as KPI and connected with, for example, the size of the reward.

Electronic documents

A specialist doesn’t need to keep paper documents! All documents are signed up electronically and digitized.

Orders management

Service work order software.

An order distribution among specialists is evident and comfortable for an operator.

Tracking and control

Service tracking software. 

It is easy to track the status of each order and a specialist’s work in the system.

Always at hand

Comfortable access to clients’ database where is held all the information about them and their orders.

Reports generation

Basic and most needed reports on most important indicators are already in the system: turnover for a period, average bill, workload of specialist and etc.

How to make more profit

Revenue increase by 30%! With the help of tools of forecasting, scheduling, and analyzing.

Reports of completed tasks

EVERIS helps employees to do daily or monthly reports for the employers easily. The process is automated, understandable, and takes just a few minutes.

Comprehending clients

With the help of analytics, clients can be grouped according to their needs virtue by what you can make them special offers.

Performance measurement

You can determine and understand the measurement of the company, individual staff members, the effectiveness of their work. 

Simplicity of usage

A client just for a few clicks makes an order.

Detailed information about an order

The possibility to describe the problem more detailed and attach the photo of a problem.

Comfortable choice

In the app, you can choose a suitable time and know exactly when a specialist will arrive.

Invoicing and payment

After an order completion client chooses the most convenient method of payment and gets an invoice by email.


A client can tell about provided services and rate the quality of work.

Scheduling and automatization

Scheduling software for service companies.

EVERIS helps a dispatcher to optimize the daily schedules of specialists and prioritize orders.

Control and again control

Field service management software.

The system prompts dispatcher about working processes and control of specialists’ routes and tasks.
When a specialist opens the app and starts the work on an order, the GPS-tracker sends the location and movements to a dispatcher.
Virtue by this function you know how much time specialists spend at the exact place, at the exact order.

Increases effectiveness

With the help of information about a route, you will know how much time your specialists spend on the way. The system uses this data to improve the routes of specialists and any other aspects of work.

All the time on connection or increases the loyalty

Cloud solutions help you be in connection with your clients at any time and any place!
And after the setting of automatization, the system can by itself, without any dispatcher help, connect orders with most suitable specialists.

Scheduled orders

The system allows you to create a recurrent order. A service will be on time! Or delivery just in time without any notifications.

Ready solution for your company!

Everis Assistant has a module structure and ready for integration with other CRM-systems.

We are ready to develop additional modules for your service company.

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