Why us?

"Perhaps, the best solution for service companies today"

P.J. Jonson


Why us

About us



The location of specialists at the real time mode


Staff management became really effective


Economizing of time on communication shortens on 70%


Invoice is generated automatically and is sent to the email.


Reduction of fixed costs on the staff more than 40%.


The result of the introduction in a month.

How it works?

Client installs the application

Gets the registration

Draws up orders

Supervisor distributes orders among service specialists

Confirmation of the rendered service and payment via electronic signature

Invoice is generated automatically and gets in the mail of the client.

The client evaluates the service



Trial period 1 month

5 service specialists in the system


50$ per month

5 service specialists in the system


150$ per month

15 service specialists in the system


400$ per month

from 40 service specialists in the system


30$ per month

2 service specialists in the system

Company's news

50 partners

More than 50 companies from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Israel left pre-order on platform. We are very pleased with the interest shown in the product, so necessary for any service company.

EVERIS on iOS and in Israel

n March 19, the EVERISapp client application can be installed on iOS, and in April we expect a full-scale release for our colleagues in Israel.

Start in Russian speaking countries

After succsessful end of testing SaaS EVERIS platform will be available for commertial use in russian speaking countries in February of 2019

EVERIS platform

In august of 2019 Saas platform Everis got to look at the elephant. It has been created by the service company from Belarus for the service companies from all over the world.

Service development

In December of 2019 the development of EVERIS platform, the most effective implement for service company management, has been started. Intuitively understandable interface for your customers, servicemen and dispatcher.