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We should not, however, forget that the implementation of the planned targets plays an important role in shaping the development model. The significance of these problems is so obvious that the further development of various forms of activity requires us to analyze the personnel training system that meets urgent needs. Everyday practice shows that the constant outreach of our activities is largely

Everyday practice shows that the scope and place of training of personnel to a large extent determines the creation of a development model and determines the creation of significant financial and administrative conditions.

We have developed the application, where clients can:


  • in just few clicks to leave the request for a service specialist
  • go into details about the problem and add the photo of it
  • choose the most suitable time of a visit and know exactly when the service specialist will come
  • make the payment by any convenient way
  • rate the quality of the service and leave the review (where without it?)

We have developed the app where specialists :


  • have possibility to see the photo of order, with the help of which they
  • can evaluate the necessary time and the instruments for this problem solution
  • can plan the way and be everywhere in time
  • can get the requests from the operator in time
  • can react on the requests operatively
  • can be aware of the company’s news virtue by push-notifications
Our story

We are not just an IT company.


Having started the development of the Saas - platform, we made the way from small service company till the company with 70 specialists in the state.In the beginning the director (founder) did all range of administrative work by himself and sometimes he even picked up a screwdriver and a puncher and helped his team in the event of an unexpected influx of orders.


In whatever company we work big or small, our profession unites us.This is us during the weekend put the bag with the tools in the trunk of the car and go to the client who has a broken water tap, air conditioning drips, problems with electrical wiring, a faulty coffee machine at the bar and thousands of other breakdowns.


We are valued for in-time services, knowledge of all clients by names, help for operative solution of the problem and high quality service. This is what we are paid for. But clients see only our service specialist who accepted the order, but there is another side - a lot of administrative work which includes:

  • taking the orders and its distribution among the specialists
  • control of field staff ( it annoys to call 10 times the master with the question where he is, isn’t it?)
  • office routine
  • payments and reports
  • analyzing of done work for week/month in the weekends/nights


To set up the process is quite difficult! No such magic pill that could solve all these problems! However, we tried to create software that will help to systematize and automate part of the work for more effective work with more profit and less expenses.

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