How to start an appliance repair business


Read to create your own repair service company easily.

Why appliance repair?

 The most popular service among the necessary is the appliance repair. The past five years have been successful for appliance repair services as a result of personal income growth, which has enabled consumers not to repair home appliances on their own.  At the same time, many consumers replaced appliances, in particular, smaller ones, and low initial purchase costs made it possible to apply for industrial services when their appliances began to malfunction. Consequently, industry revenues grew on year to $ 4.9 billion U.S. five years before 2019. 

  In 2020 alone, revenue for the home appliance repair industry is expected to grow by 1.3%. In connection with the economic situation today and the decline in income among the population, it is expected that the industry’s profit in the current period will increase significantly. An important factor is also the increasing complexity of devices, which will encourage consumers to seek repair specialists instead of having to carry out repairs themselves.

Education and competency.


Find appliance repair courses, including books, appliance repair schools, free appliance repair courses, and online appliance repair courses

If you decide to pursue a career as an Appliance Repair Technician, you may want to consider a training program that will teach you the basics, such as a professional certification program, and also consider an online diploma program for higher qualifications. The National Appliance Service Technician Certification (NASTeC) and the Professional Service Association’s (PSA) certifications are two of the most popular awards you need to earn to successfully apply your experience.


 There are a variety of educational opportunities offered through online programs. Depending on your interests, you may find a program that specializes in in-home or small appliances or ones that specialize in larger appliances, such as in heating and air conditioning repair. General coursework for home appliance repair may include testing electrical appliances, gas control systems, replacing broken circuitry, diagnostic testing, common tool repair, procedures for ordering repair parts, thermodynamics, preventative maintenance procedures, customer relations, safety, legal and ethical standards, as well as, basic bookkeeping practice, just to name a few.


The training, licensing, and certification required to do this type of work depends on where you live. Check with your state and municipality to find out about the requirements in your area. It’s also important to note that working with appliances that contain refrigerants (air conditioning equipment, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) requires that you obtain certification through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Useful sources:

  • The book “Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances”, by Eric Kleinert.


Repair training resources:

    • YouTube Videos (search on “appliance repair training”)
    • Repair Forums (check out
    • Free Online Service Manuals (a good free source is
    • Parts Sites ( has repair videos & has DIY advice)

STEP 2 :

 Build your business tools:

  • Build your repair business web site with a handy site builder like Tilda, Wix, or whatever. They offer cost-effective hosting with unlimited resources for bandwidth, storage, and email accounts.
  • Get your toll-free number with Ring Central, which is very economical for a start-up business.
  • Create business cards, they will greatly help in promoting your business.
  • You will need tools for billing and accepting payments from customers on cards. The “Everis” service allows you to have all this and more.


  Promote your business

  • Post your home appliance repair website in free directories.
  • Place business cards at local grocery stores, businesses, and party venues.
  • Buy an inexpensive sign and place it on the road.
  • Contact local appliance businesses to find out if they need help. You can enter into a partnership agreement with a used appliance dealer who needs a service technician to forward orders.
  • Sign a contract with a home warranty company.

Step 4:

 – You get paid, and things are going well)

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Best regards,

Project Manager LLC “Everis Tech.”

Olga Polhovskaja

How to start Junk Removal Service


Starting a garbage disposal business seems like a simple idea for a business; everyone needs to get rid of the garbage and are willing to pay for it. But. as usual, not everything is so simple. We suggest you familiarize yourself with this and again weigh the pros and cons.

The main task is not to organize the service itself, everything is simple, but to elevate your services to the pinnacle of success. Management and only management will help to bring you significant income in the future. An important factor will be the reputation, and this is what you need to take care of with the receipt of the first orders. This is how you can get a tight schedule of orders, increase recognition, and distinguish you from competitors.

 Next, we will step by step consider the key aspects.

Market research.

Start with an analysis of competitors, highlight the 10 most successful ones, study from sites and social networks, and note what you personally like. Write down these benefits. Find and read customer reviews on these service providers. Also, write down the positive points that people note and the negative ones. The list of competitors should include not only individual companies but also franchises of major players in the garbage collection market, for example, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

The next task will be to study the issue of recycling and disposal of garbage. To calculate the potential profit, you must understand your expenses, including overhead, for the proper disposal or recycling of garbage. Call your local recycling company and find out the prices for waste collection and disposal.

You will need to know the prices of various types of garbage. Some will go directly to the landfill, while others can be sold to scrap dealers, donated to charities, or for other purposes, which will affect your export costs. At the very beginning, you can focus on removing only household or commercial waste

Franchise or your own business.

Franchises include off-the-shelf business models, advertising, and branding. They will also help you purchase your own trucks or give you the opportunity to rent those already included with the brand. Buying a franchise will require a significant amount. The total cost of opening a franchise with one of the enterprises can vary from 40,000 to 200,000 dollars. Find out the conditions of purchase from several operators, summarize the costs of disposal and operating expenses (taxes, salaries, motor fuel, insurance, licenses, work clothing, dry cleaning and car wash) to understand the approximate profit.

Licenses and certification.

Register your company in accordance with the requirements of your local government and guidelines for waste carriers. You may need to contact your local chamber of commerce or SBA to find out more about these requirements, as they vary from county to state. There may also be special permits or licenses required for the transport of scrap metal or just garbage.

  • For example, in some localities, it is required that someone carrying large quantities of materials as a commercial activity has a license to do so. Failure to obtain a license before transport may result in fines or your arrest.
  • Other places may have special permits for garbage collection. For example, in New York, it is required that garbage carriers register in the city and apply for a special license.
  • Try talking to other local business owners to see if they can help you navigate your city’s requirements.
  • You will also need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS if you plan to have employees. Getting this number is free on the IRS website.

Buy the appropriate insurance.

Be sure to get business liability insurance before you get started. You will also need car insurance for your vehicle and employee insurance if you have employees. Check the offers of several insurance companies and select the best offer. The insurance policy should cover the van, equipment and any damage caused to the client’s property when removing the garbage.


  • At a minimum, you will need liability insurance and property insurance. They cover legal costs arising from lawsuits, for example, if one of your trucks damaged property of the client and, consequently, damage or loss of property of the enterprise. As a small business, you can combine both of these rules into a business owner’s policy.


  • You may also want (E&O) insurance to cover situations such as breach of contract with your regular customers. This may be due to the fact that you could not collect garbage in accordance with the agreement with the client.


  • Finally, employee insurance coverage covers your business if an employee has sued you. For example, if an employee is injured at work, your employees’ insurance may cover their medical bills.


  • Large insurers can offer you a full package of services specializing in the garbage disposal industry, which contains all these types of insurance.


There may be local, state, and federal laws applicable to the legal disposal of garbage, especially hazardous waste, and fines may apply if the disposal is not legal. For example, in Oregon, you will need a transport certificate for transporting scrap metal.

Business plan.

A business plan is a document that summarizes the operational and financial goals of a business and contains detailed plans and budgets showing how these goals should be implemented. Since the business plan contains financial forecasts and a marketing plan, this is a useful tool:


  • Your pricing is your business. You can charge for weight, for work, for the used space of your truck. Remember, this is just your initial plan; You can always adjust prices later when you become more experienced.


  • Think about whether you will use employees, contract work, or both. No matter what you choose, you need to carefully understand the laws that determine the nature of employees and the laws that affect their relationship with the company.


Funding should cover the cost of your truck, equipment, marketing efforts and some working capital for your first few jobs. You can cover these costs with a loan from a bank or credit union or borrow money from a friend or family member. The Small Business Administration (SBA) also guarantees business loans at banks and can help you get the money you need.


Buy a used van or truck that you will use to transport your client’s garbage to recycling or waste disposal facilities. Prefer heavy payloads and good fuel economy. No additional options, such as noise insulation or leather seats, are needed. Just make sure it works reliably. You may also need a navigator, for this the “Everis Pro” specialist mobile application is perfect for where you can always see the path from the location to the next order and conveniently build your logistics to save on car fuel.

Tool for receiving orders.

The specifics of the waste collection business is such that you will not have the opportunity to sit in the office and receive customer calls. Instead, you will have to make and receive business calls while you work. The simplest solution is a Bluetooth headset or similar hands-free equipment, but rather it is suitable for receiving short calls with partners and clarifying details of existing orders. It is not very convenient to accept applications from clients during work, the noise of the car and busy hands will not help you quickly accept an order, especially with a new client. 

For this, our software is perfect for you, your customers can download a mobile application that will be connected to your personal account and send applications without unnecessary calls. And you can easily take at any time and process at any convenient time. You just need a compact laptop and believe me, this is the perfect solution to your routine tasks!

Special work clothes.

Garbage removal is dirty and demanding work, for which you will need durable work clothes and gloves. Loose pants are suitable for both home and outdoor use. Other tools you need to buy are shovels and rakes. More reliable protection may be needed, such as dust masks and safety glasses when handling more hazardous debris.

Business promotion.

Business cards and flyers, they should be easy to read, include a brief description and contact details of your company. Hand out your flyers to everyone in your area, businesses and homeowners who may be interested in your services. In addition, place them on auxiliary posts and bulletin boards. Make sure your flyers are distributed in accordance with local laws. Also, consider advertising in your local newspaper to increase your brand awareness. 

Your initial advertising plan is likely to be low budget, so make it work in any way convenient for you. For example, try to park your car in an easily visible place by calling potential customers or placing a small ad in a local magazine or newspaper. Try Craigslist.

Good luck in your new business!

This article was written by service experts. “EVERIS” is a platform for planning work orders and managing specialists and clients. Thousands of local service companies use the platform to streamline their workflow, eliminate losses, and increase revenue.

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HVAC Startup: start your own HVAC service business

HVAC Startup: start your own HVAC service business

The expected market size for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will be $ 277 billion by 2025. This forecast, according to which, it is necessary to provide progressive requirements for energy-efficient solutions.


In addition, today it is simply impossible to imagine life without heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is these technologies that provide comfortable temperatures and ventilation conditions in homes, apartments, offices and enterprises, which helps maintain employee productivity, working conditions and prevents health problems arising from improper use of humidity and air purity levels. With the growth of the equipment market, the market for installation and maintenance of various systems is growing, which opens up new prospects for private business.

Let’s look at a report on the global market for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It reflects the proposals, technology and geography.

For heating equipment

  1. Heat Pumps
  2. Furnace
  3. Unitary Heaters
  4. Boilers

For ventilation equipment

  1. Air-handling Units
  2. Air Filters
  3. Dehumidifiers
  4. Ventilation Fans
  5. Humidifiers
  6. Air Purifiers

For cooling equipment

  1. Unitary Air Conditioners
  2. VRF Systems
  3. Chillers
  4. Room Air Conditioners
  5. Coolers
  6. Cooling Towers

By type of implementation


  1. New Constructions
  2. Retrofits

By Application 

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial

By Region

  • North America
    1. US
    2. Canada
    3. Mexico
  • Europe
    1. UK
    2. Germany
    3. France
    4. Rest of Europes
  • Asia Pacific
    1. China
    2. India
    3. Japan
    4. Rest of APAC
  • Rest of the World
    1. Middle East
    2. South America
    3. Africa

So, we see the prospects, and now let’s look at how you can open your HVAC service business and what you need to do this.

Initial costs

There are several forms of HVAC business, maintenance and repair, and equipment installation. No matter what form you choose, the base costs will be the same. The total cost of starting a business is from 2,000 to 10,000 dollars. However, if you want to join the franchise, you will have to pay more – from 50,000 to 80,000 dollars.

Why do I need start-up capital?

Basic expenses:

  • A complete set of tools and equipment, including power tools, work clothing and protective equipment. Provide a warehouse of spare parts. Accident insurance for every specialist in your team. Lease payments for the place where tools and spare parts will be stored.

Business expenses:

  • Licenses for certain types of work, insurance, and a business plan for planning the growth and development of the company. Office rental, office equipment and smartphones for employees, car park. Marketing: business cards, radio and television advertising and website development. Services of an accountant and lawyer.

Licensing and warranties.

Specialist License:

Before you begin to work, you will have to work hard and collect all the necessary documents and licenses for a work permit. Have patience and finances.

First, find out what types of certification you need to work in your state. For information, contact North American Technical Excellence (NATE), which is the main organization certifying technical experts.

HVAC Excellence is another reputable agency in the industry. It is mandatory to take an approved course of study and only after that, a specialist can pass an exam to obtain a certificate. In addition to NATE and HVAC Excellence, there is a federal certification that HVAC professionals must obtain. HVAC technicians must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to purchase and dispose of refrigerants.

A short list of steps to get certified by HVAC:


  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED equivalent (depends on your state)
  2. Get an HVAC certificate from an accredited vocational school or program (depending on your state). The training program will depend on the type of certification you want to receive. We will talk about this.
  3. Obtain an HVAC license in the state in which you plan to work
  4. Pass certification exams for various types of career HVAC


*Once you pass the exam and apply for an HVAC Contractor license, you can choose a company name. This part of the process sounds easy enough, but it takes months to validate your name.

Types of HVAC Certificates:


  • EPA Type I Certification – For Servicing Small Appliances (maintenance and repair of small refrigeration systems)


  • EPA Type II Certification – For Servicing High Pressure Systems (for any work related to high pressure systems)


  • EPA Type III Certification – For Servicing Low Pressure Systems (Experience with low-pressure systems will help you easily go through the certification process and just make it possible to update theoretical knowledge)


  • Universal EPA Certificate: universal certificate for all types of systems and is the most popular. But this type of certification may take longer due to the amount of material that you will need to study. This certificate allows you to work in any US state, subject to the rest of the state requirements and local licensing for HVAC professionals.


  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE): nationally recognized certification programs for HVACR professionals. The practical mechanism of the NATE certification process makes it an ideal qualification for technicians who want to prove their knowledge.


  • NATE Professional certificates: with at least 1 year experience as an HVAC specialist. Certificates are divided by specialties:
  1. Air Conditioning (AC)
  2. Air Distribution (AD)
  3. Heat Pumps (Air-to-Air) (HP)
  4. Gas Heating (GS)
  5. Oil Heating (OL)
  6. Hydronics Gas (HG) (service only)
  7. Hydronics Oil (HO) (service only)
  8. Light Commercial Refrigeration (LC) (service only)
  9. Commercial Refrigeration (RC) (service only)
  10.  HVAC Efficiency Analyst (Senior Level) (EA)

In which states is an HVAC license not required?


It is possible that state laws have changed since the publication of our article. Therefore, we recommend that you check the information. But at the time of this writing, these states did not require licensing for HVAC:










New Hampshire

New York

South Dakota




Contractor License:


If you want to work for yourself or hire employees – it’s time to think about becoming a contractor. In some states, only contractors can have an HVAC license. In this case, they must control their employees, who also have the right to work with HVAC systems. In other states, the contractor must hire a “specialist” – someone who is certified and licensed in accordance with state law. As long as this person is an employee and his licensing is relevant, the contractor can perform work on the HVAC.


Together with a business plan, you will need a marketing strategy. This is what makes people aware of your business. To succeed in business, you need to advertise your service and interact with potential customers. Social networks are a good place to start. It’s great if you can write a blog where you’ll talk about how to behave with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Such content will draw attention (and, more importantly, search traffic) to your company’s website and increase the level of trust among customers.

HVAC business is quite time-consuming to maintain accounts and record all orders, order history, customer base and at the same time requires you to respond quickly and speed order processing. Take care of the choice of software that will help you optimize your work at the start and maintain order.

Good luck in your new business!

This article was written by service experts. “EVERIS” is a platform for planning work orders and managing specialists and clients. Thousands of local service companies use the platform to streamline their workflow, eliminate losses, and increase revenue.

Open the free EVERIS online demo for your business to find out how you can improve your performance.


simple solutions that will help to keep the lights on during the crisis

Epidemiological situation in the world and as following economical crisis significantly undermined all the spheres of business and social life of almost all world populations.

Thousands of companies have to move their employees on a distant work but not all spheres can afford such kind of work that makes all the business owners take extreme measures – reduce business and staff members.

But there is a solution! – Business Automatization.

We cannot claim that it can stop virus spread but help some spheres to overcome such a period painlessly and operatively for sure can. For the start let’s determine which spheres exactly:

  • maintenance team
  • service departments and companies
  • cleaning companies
  • HVAC
  • plumbing companies
  • companies that provide maintenance services to people



How does it work?


Let’s give a simple example: your an owner of a company that provides maintenance services of anything and your specialists all day in the field completing orders: staring from repair of furniture or plumbing and ending with the maintenance of ventilation systems, ACs, coffee machines, and etc. The list can be really long but the essence is one. In the usual situation, orders are taken either on the phone by a dispatcher or on the website. Meetings and briefings are regularly taken as a motivation to not let employees relax and everyone thinks that it really works. 

Maybe but the situation of pandemic and total quarantine disrupts this way of life.

We offer to not leave for tomorrow and today try all the features of the platform that allows you to control your employees remotely, save service quality, and with all of this reduce personal contacts.  The tools of the SaaS platform EVERIS allow you not just to be on connection with your specialists 24/7 but in the real-time mode see how the working process is going on, take orders, and operatively process it. 


We offer specific tools for work improvement:


Admin panel “Everis” :

  1. Online orders accepting. It is enough for your clients just to install the app that will allow them to order services that you provide just in a few clicks. At the same moment, we would like to underline that dispatcher’s workload will be reduced by 60% virtue by reduction of phone calls and order processing 
  2. An instant order distribution among specialists based on their working schedules
  3. Control of orders’ statuses in the real-time mode (orders’ map and separation of process on steps: assigned, en route, in work)
  4. Tracking of specialists
  5. Notification of clients and specialists about news and changes with the help of push-notifications channel and mailing
  6. Payment by any convenient method
  7. Analytical unit will help to make the right conclusions on time


Mobile App for specialists “Everis Pro”:

  1. Specialist’s profile registration.
  2. Assigned orders control
  3. Taking orders in work
  4. Taking of payment for the order
  5. Information about the client and full order details
  6. Choice of orders status: “En route”, “In work”, “Completed”
  7. Navigation till a place of order


Mobile app for the clients “Everis User”:

  1. Call for a master to home or office
  2. Choice of convenient date and time
  3. Attached problem photo to an order
  4. Notifications about specialist’s arrival
  5. Electronic invoice via email
  6. Feedback 
  7. Rating system of provided services
  8. Payment with any convenient way
  9. Orders history

It’s just the smallest part of all the features that we provide as the basic tariff for free!

Simple and effective management now available to any company with the EVERIS Platform!

Be closer to your clients and specialists!

Manager IT & Marketing

Karina Demidenko LLC Everis Tech

Project Manager

Olga Polhovskaya LLC Everis Tech





Simple and effective tools that will help tp your business promotion. 

In this article, we will, in short, tell you about proven channels of clients’ attraction online. 


Landing or online business card of your company



The main goal – provision of services that you are going to provide and collection of the target audience. For the development of such a target page, there is no need to know how to write web sites. It is enough to write down in the search line “web site constructor” and choose a suitable sample. Having a web site will increase your chances to get more clients.



Cold calls



On the first steps to becoming your clients can all those people that you have in your phone contact book. We hope that a long time you haven’t deleted contacts. Besides calls, there will be suitable any SMS mailing, but don’t abuse text, let the message will have a simple and short style with the most important information. And for the future take as a rule to take from the clients not just phone numbers but emails as well for marketing mailing.



Social media


Each of u has even one account in social media. Facebook, Instagram, VK has already become a part of our lives a long time ago and we even don’t notice how much time we spend on viewing news and other kinds of pages not just for private goals but for business as well. And it means that you also shouldn’t delay and create an account in Instagram. Today it is one of the most popular platforms. Establish the page in such a way that people will understand who you are and what you suggest, make it solely professional and the most important – do the posts and write down interesting short notes under the posts regularly. 



Subject info portals



 Most of them will not take a penny if you will just post information about yourself. For you, it will mean that you are in a catalog of provided services what means that among those who people search for. 





Doesn’t matter what you do, you can always find mutually beneficial cooperation (mutual PR). Feel free to discuss with owners of other companies this topic. There are a few who will reject marketing, especially your spheres are not the same. For example, clients of your neighborhood fitness club can easily become your clients and the opposite. 




YouTube – is a trendy video-platform



To create a channel and post the videos is very easy. You don’t have to have video edition skills. The camera of your phone, topic, and a little bit of work on the text is enough.  Videos can be short and answer popular customers’ questions, for example, “how to choose screwdriver” or “how to choose detergent for washing windows”. Look at how your colleagues do that before you will become more experienced. It is a very normal practice.




The attraction of a client is very important but that’s not everything. You should pay special attention to provided service quality, analyze market characteristics and establish your process in such a way that clients will come back to you again and again. But this is another topic for discussion. 





Project Manager Olga Polhovskaja


Unemployment? – The solution has been found!




In this article, we will tell about one of the variants of the problem-solution if you have lost the job and don’t know what to do.




All this virus story has already got on everyone’s nerves and pulled under. However, the curve of unemployment growth tool all the tops on the data plots and approaches infinity.  A multitude of sources and hundreds of business analytics, scientists, and politicians  ANd only the lazy one has not pointed yet that we are about entering something new that will change our usual lifestyle. The truth is that it doesn’t make us feel better, especially to those who have lost the job and, what is worse, waiting for something unknown in the future. Because the answer to the question- “what we can do in such a situation?” still has not been found but we have decided to take responsibility and try to switch on the light at the end of the tunnel. 




“What we can do in such situation?”




Let’s start from the good news – pandemic is not forever and very soon will come this day when we could step by step come back to our usual life. And it is important to remember the more efforts you will make today the easier will be “to rise from the ashes”. 

Because a success – is not “something”, it’s “someone”. That’s why you should become a person who capable of paving the wave to success to increase income. No one has promised that it would be easy but we will not be pessimists!



“Because a success – is not “something”, it’s “someone”.”



For the start, we have to understand that not all the world has stopped and there are spheres of life on which even the most severe quarantine cannot influence. For example, if you are good with your hands and understand everything in appliances repair and, besides all of this, can easily repair AC or moreover understand ventilation systems you will obviously not stay without work. 

Besides, if o check the statistics of requests and market analytics, it is clearly shown a significant increase in demand for cleaning services and relocation-related services. And it means, you can bring the female part of the family, or found the team with a neighbor who has minibus is sitting idle, and together increase the possibility to withstand and find a way to meet tomorrow with a smile. 

Long before this “end of the world” our team had become concerned about the problems of small and average business from upper pointed spheres. The main of all was process optimization and simplification of communication with clients. And the most important! – Search for the solution for the fast launch of companies and specialists remotely, without a need to operate an office, sequencing of business processes, establishment of communicative channels with employees and clients, control of documents.  




Dispatcher panel of a cleaning company




Platform “Everis” is automatization of service processes and repair and allows on the shortest terms to start the work, establish the process and taking and assigning of orders. Everything that you need is to find an associate, to understand what you can suggest to your future clients (any kind of repair and maintenance, technical monitoring, cleaning, relocation. delivery) and start. 





A dispatcher with the map of orders and list by orders status. 

For the start, you should register in the panel, enter the services, prices, specialists, download the app for your employees and make few testing orders from the panel to your employees’ smartphones. Your clients also can download the app for making orders to not spend time on calls and problem explanations. 

The rest is very easy! The most important is to not give up, to believe in yourself and bright, mostly more technological future!




App for a specialist you can download in App Store and Play Market.




p.s. to get to know more about simple channels of clients’ attraction use the link.





With Best Regards

LLC @ Everis Technologies Team”.

author Olga Polhovskaya

project manager

translated by Karina Demidenko

IT Manager.