9 features that our Virtual Assistant has

 A virtual assistant is not a new phenomenon in business automation; rather, it is something new that is well forgotten. Now, this service has gained a second life and this is due to the total escape online and the need to minimize the human factor. And we understand this, because important, but often routine, repetitive processes in business are the basis of success, and if you entrust them with a smart program algorithm, this will avoid a failure in the process and will serve as an excellent tool in the work.


  One of the main questions is the question of the capabilities of the virtual assistant. If we ignore the topic of the service business, we can answer briefly – a virtual assistant can help with any mechanisms and processes in your work. 

  First of all, you need to decide for yourself which stages of production or placing orders you would like to automate or improve. Everything is actually connected with the business and with the services that you provide. But let’s not be distracted from the topic, so as not to fly away in dreams of the opportunity to entrust all the work to an impartial virtual assistant while you relax on the ocean.

  Now we want to talk about the business of providing maintenance and repair services, cleaning services for handyman services, electricians, plumbers, repair of ventilation and air conditioning, and all those who consider themselves to be in the field of servicing houses, apartments, buildings, and territories. Everything is very simple here!

  Our team studied the processes and thought for you. And with a probability of 99.99%, our virtual assistant can do what you need. If not, we are ready to accept the challenge! In the meantime, here is the basic list of features for the EverisApp Saas platform virtual assistant:

  1. Securing orders for specialists
  2. Analysis of work stages and warning of deviation from the schedule
  3. Data input
  4. General Accounting: Invoice 
  5. Data Analysis / Statistics
  6. Tips for Better Production
  7. Work coordination – order confirmation/logistics, check/support all the way
  8. Track unpaid bills
  9. Schedule / Calendar Management

  9 important links of one chain for successful work every day! And it’s definitely worth a try today!

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