Digital equipment for your excellent service business!

Digital equipment for your excellent service business!

Are you a plumber, HVAC specialist, electrician, or are you helping with lawns? We have tools that will also be useful, like the ones in your bag or car!

  Let’s get right to the point. We’ll talk about the features of the EverisApp Hybrid platform if you work independently.

1. Automatic acceptance of orders: now your customers can not only make calls when they need you but also place orders in the Everis Users application. It’s cool when your customers can have a choice and you have free hands!

2. All orders in one place: all orders that are made online are stored in an online cabinet! You can easily transfer the date and time, and notify your customers in one click!

3. Scheduler: we well know what hot days are. But you will be surprised that even in that very season you can find time for your personal affairs. When the entire schedule is in front of your eyes, the picture is always more obvious. Well then – see Point 2.

4. Statistics: business does not tolerate planning “out of my head”. We often think that everything is under control, but this does not work. To see growth and empty spaces, you need statistics! And you just have to try this magic on yourself!

5. Order History: now no one can accuse you of bad faith. Each stage of work and time are displayed in your office.

6. Electronic signature: the most reliable solution to confirm the payment before you take it. It is easier than another hour to listen to stories about a neighbor and cousin uncle when the client pulls time.

7. Bookkeeping: forget about piles of papers and tables. Acts of work performed are automatically sent to the client by mail, and it has never been so easy for your booker to find them!

  I think that these 7 points are quite significant. Although in fact there are many more! But it’s better to try once than read a hundred times!

Use the demo versions to get used to the new “office”, register, get a trial period and write us your feedback!