Everis Users is not just a mobile application for clients.

Everis Users is not just a mobile application for clients.

just don’t tell them about it 🙂

The story of the Covid-19 virus forever changed the behavior of consumers and services. And even those who used to live by their own rules were forced to reconsider their approach to obtaining services and access to goods. The era of total digital presence has arrived. A new generation of clients is increasingly choosing online platforms to meet their needs. They use Uber, Amazon, and Netflix, order food online, and share their opinions on Twitter. They can easily tweet about you as well :). 

 It’s time to offer your clients something that can easily satisfy not only their needs but also their user experience.

The mobile application for clients “Everis Users” was created taking into account the positive user experience and is as functional as possible, but it remains easy to use.

Key features of the application for clients:

  • quick application processing
  • ability to change order time
  • quick order cancellation
  • ability to view specialist data on the order page
  • arrival time information and map access
  • receiving current company news

We will not hide the fact that those companies, that chose our program for managing orders and employees at the very beginning use only the dispatcher panel and the specialist’s mobile application. This is due to the fact that by the time of implementation of the saas-platform, companies already have their own experience in receiving orders from clients. As a rule, this is the execution of orders on the site or the work of call center operators.

In the future, some implemented the client application “Everis Users” and very soon 90% switched to accepting orders only in this way. And that’s why:

  1. an increase in the total number of orders for services, and hence income. This is due to the fact that for many clients using a mobile application is a more familiar and convenient way of communication.
  2.  let’s be honest, everyday issues and problems are for many, not the most pleasant routine. Some problems in the house, apartment, or land are often postponed for a long time. The solution requires not only time, but also distracts from more pleasant things, than talking with a contractor, filling out an order, or making calls to the operator. Thanks to the mobile application “Everis Users”, you can solve the problem with one hand, without looking up from a barbecue or soccer game.

  3.  Another truth is that many clients have no idea about the full list of your services. Rather, because you can do much more than they can imagine 🙂 Thanks to the application “Everis Users”, your clients can familiarize themselves with the full list of your services. In addition, do not forget that a person does not know what he wants until he is offered this. Often, a client, filling out an order, selects the desired service from the list proposed in the mobile application. And it is this list that makes him think that, in addition to cleaning the house, it would not hurt to carry out mosquito treatment on the site.

 We are pleased to invite your company to get its unique experience and we believe that it will certainly be advantageous. To get quick access to the saas-platform and mobile applications for your professionals and clients, go to the demo version of the industry you need.

We wish you success in your work and are always waiting for your feedback to the email address: info@everisapp.com

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