How does a woman start her business?

How does a woman start her business?

important points and resource guide

1. What is important to understand from the very beginning?

If you are ready to start acting right now, then first we will advise you to take a couple of deep breaths and slow down a little.

Starting your own business does not tolerate hasty decisions, otherwise, you will have to pay dearly for this later. We understand that your fantastic business idea does not live up to expectations, but before you begin, there are some questions that you need to resolve before you take the first step.

Believe me, this will greatly increase your chances of survival in the first years of work.

2. The basis of the new company is not quite an idea!

First, everything should happen on paper. Conduct initial marketing research in the field in which you are going to realize yourself. First of all, you need to understand who your client is – the target audience.

No need to think that this is stupid and that your customers are all those who consume such services or goods. No, you should clearly know what segment of the population your startup is designed for.

Once you have decided on the target audience, it’s time to find out which competitors already exist in the market and study their sites and social networks. Mark for yourself your favorite moments and ideas.

The big picture is ready and if you are still determined, it’s time to think about a business plan. This thing is not just about calculations and plans, it is closer to reality, and therefore it will give you a clear understanding of the speed with which you must work and develop in order to achieve success and how you must manage all the resources so that this happens 200% accurately.

And the third very important point, after the business plan – legality and taxation! Only after that, you should proceed to the real building of your business. 

First, turn to the best legal consultant you can afford and take care of the best accountant or tax specialist. Be sure to study 


website and make it a rule to regularly review it. Here you can find the answer to your other questions and always be aware of the legislation in your state. After all, laws often change, like taxation.

3. You are not an entrepreneur yet!

The truth is that a great idea and an ideal business plan cannot guarantee successful work. This is what totally depends on your diligence. Because becoming an entrepreneur is easier than coping with difficulties and little is said about it. So let’s discuss some more equally important issues:

1. Are you definitely the boss?

 Here we recall that it is necessary to deduct taxes at the state and federal levels, and if you miss this point, you will eventually encounter serious problems. The second is your employees and clients, who ultimately determine the fate of your project. A good idea is important, but it cannot work miracles. 

 If there is no management, if marketing does not work, and if your customers do not identify with your brand, then it is better for your company to make some changes or curtail your business before you are heavily in debt. Therefore, hiring people is better to immediately explain to them your position and not be afraid to offend them or be too categorical. Remember that team and strategy determine success, and a satisfied customer determines revenue growth. ®

2. Have you forgotten about your personal life?

Unfortunately, the exact formula, following which you can succeed in work and have an excellent personal life, does not exist. You will simply be forced to do whatever it takes to maintain balance. But the truth is that sometimes you will devote more time and energy to people in your life, and in others they may not even see you for several days, or even months. But do not be afraid, look at it as natural things, and that your family will certainly be proud of you and will begin to understand more if you succeed in your business.

3. Work more, income in perspective. In the meantime ...

 Your goal should be to get an income that exceeds all existing business expenses.

In addition, this income should not only allow you to lead a comfortable lifestyle but also form a material fund in case of malfunctions or something goes wrong.

We think that the situation with the COVID-19 virus has taught many a good lesson in this regard. You should not forget about it. In the meantime, you will need to work hard to earn a reputation, customer base, and reach a stable income level.

4. You need to be prepared for this.

Here we stick to the brevity:

  1. busy schedule
  2. don’t give up if you fail at first
  3. no financial stability in the beginning
  4. the risks
  5. stress
  6. great responsibility for every step

5. What form of business should you choose?

While we’d love to be able to answer this question for you, but a lawyer should decide on the form of your company. There are so many variables and features that it is better to consult a specialist. Nonetheless. The three most common forms are:

1.For-Profit Business Corporations

2.Limited Liability Companies or LLCs

3.Sole Proprietorships

6. Financing.

 Website, marketing, and advertising, tax and payroll, expansion, adding new products, upgrading your services, utilities, insurance, licensing, and much more. The list of expenses never ends and this is not a joke. At the start, there is a consumption of the main part of capital. If you are not careful with spending, then you will not have time to blink, as you will remain with an empty wallet. 

 Therefore, it is important to determine mandatory spending and those that may be suffered or not needed at all. The main mistake of beginners is that a lot of money is spent on completely unnecessary things: expensive furniture in the office, or an expensive sign. Unless, of course, your business does not lie in the field of luxury services and goods. This is a different story. We are talking about the consumer market. Take care in advance of the list of required expenses in the first year, calculate the amount, and do not step back a single step from it. Fortunately, today there are modern software solutions that are a) absolutely inexpensive and b) as a guide that will guide you through professional planning step by step. One of these is our SaaS platform “Everis”.

7. Useful resources.

Below we provide links to basic resource guides that can introduce you to popular tools for doing business and creating a site.

Our recommendations and advice on how to start a business are by no means legal advice. This article is intended for basic informational purposes and nothing more. For genuine legal assistance, contact accredited professionals and service providers.

Good luck in your new business!

This article was written by service experts. “EVERIS” is a platform for planning work orders and managing specialists and clients. Thousands of local service companies use the platform to streamline their workflow, eliminate losses, and increase revenue.