Everis Platform


Still, using the office on the site to receive applications or notes from the operator in the call center? Or maybe these are ordinary phone calls that take away a lot of time that could be spent on something more useful. Our company offers a great alternative to all this!

It is a reliable tool for service company professionals! It allows you to quickly receive and process applications from your smartphone and be in constant communication with the office without calls and instant messengers. The application significantly saves you time on phone calls, finding out the details of the order, clarifying the route, and accepting payments!

Key features of the mobile application:

 1. The current list of orders assigned to you.

2. Receive notifications of new orders and changes to order data.

3. Ability to send reports on each stage of work with comments. A great way to keep your work transparent! The history of the order has repeatedly rescued our specialists during controversial issues!

4. Comment on the order and the customer with photos and comments of the dispatcher. This feature allows you to be one step ahead of your schedule. The professional easily determined the employee by photo and comments.

5. Map navigation. We are sure. that you know the city very well! But often orders come from completely unexpected places and it will probably be easier for you to find the way when there is an assistant in the form of navigation. In addition, you can easily determine how quickly you can arrive at the place, and in case of traffic jams – warn the client about the delay in 2 seconds.

The application is absolutely free and is part of the Saas-platform, created specifically to manage a team of specialists in service companies. In order for you, as a professional, to learn how this works in reality, refer to the manual with a proposal to try the EverisApp Saas-platform right now or to familiarize yourself with the demo version. Just choose from the list of destinations relevant to you!

Thank you for your interest, very soon we will release a new application update for “EverisPro” specialists and tell you more about its features.

In addition, we have an application for your customers – “Everis Users”! As practice has shown, customers who regularly use the services of their favorite company are happy with such an application! Now, in order to send an application, they don’t need to go to the site or make a call, just enter the application from any smartphone and send a request for a service in 2 minutes! For details, see the article “About the client application”.