How to start a carpet cleaning business


 The carpet and flooring business has one of the highest rates of return. The cost of detergents is usually less than 5% of the total cost of work, which means 95% of the profit. Many successful examples in this business show an income of 75 to 150 dollars per hour per person.

  First, let’s identify the states with the most comprehensive cleaning business. This can give us an idea of ​​where the cleaning industry as a whole flourishes, and also in which states the industry is developing much less dynamically.

The state with the most cleaning businesses is California, with 2,347.

The state with the least cleaning businesses is North Dakota, with 17. 

 The total number of cleaning companies seems to be determined by three specific factors. Firstly, if the state has a high population, like in California, then there are more cleaning companies. This is intuitive. A higher population means more cleaning needs, which means more cleaning companies.

  Secondly, if the state has not one, but several large cities, such as in Arizona. Larger cities mean denser settlements, which in turn means a greater need for cleaning.


  Finally, the presence of the neighborhood of large cities in different states, this can also lead to an increase in the total number of cleaning enterprises. For example, New Jersey is relatively close to New York. Presumably, some cleaning companies in New Jersey serve areas in New York. This then increases the demand for cleaning in New Jersey.

Education and competency.

1. Take a course at the Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Institute to become a certified carpet cleaner. Although no state requires this certificate, it will make you a professional. Courses are offered at various locations throughout the country. Visit the IICRC website and find the one closest to you.

2. Get a business license from your county or municipality. The exact license you need depends on where you live, but the information is readily available at the appropriate office, and the application process is straightforward.

3. We recommend getting insurance to protect yourself from an accident when working on expensive carpets. Some insurance companies offer packages specifically designed for carpet cleaning. It includes liability coverage and protection of your equipment and your car.

  Once you gain knowledge of carpet and floor cleaning technologies, new markets will open up for you. Most cleaning contractors do not have qualified personnel. After receiving the certificate and the necessary knowledge, you can train your own team and successfully compete with similar services with most of all the main cleaning contractors in your sales area.


License and register your business

  You have laid the foundation for your carpet cleaning business, now it’s time to make it official, you need to purchase the necessary licenses and permits and register your business in your state.

  Contact your city, town, or county clerk’s office to find out about local licensing and permit requirements for cleaning businesses. For state-level requirements, check our state-by-state guide to licenses and permits

Then, you definitely need to identify your business entity and register accordingly. If you own and run your carpet cleaning business on your own or with your spouse, you can choose a sole proprietorship that does not actually require registration in your state. However, individual entrepreneurs do not recognize the owner as a separate legal entity from the business, so you will be personally responsible for the debts and obligations of your business.

  Consider registering as an LLC. Registering an LLC in your state is very simple, and this structure provides you with certain legal remedies that the only requisite does not have – most importantly, your personal assets will not be played if your business is faced with debt or other legal problems.


Business tools

Finally, you need people to know about you. Now it’s hard to imagine our life without the Internet and therefore it’s worth thinking about the site, even if you’re used to just slip leaflets with advertising under the doors of clients.

If you don’t have the money to pay someone to create a website for you, it’s easy to create a one-page website yourself. Our company will help you set up the site so that customers can see your prices, services, business hours, and phone number.

Create a Google Business page so that people who are looking for carpet cleaners in your area can find you online. It’s free and will put your business where people are looking for services like yours.

Creating accounts on Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will not hurt either. The more information about you on the Internet, the more customers will find you.



The equipment you buy will depend on the cleaning method you use. The most common type of cleaning is hot water extraction (an old-school mount) and portable equipment for carpet cleaning with low humidity.


  • Truck Cleaning Equipment – If you choose truck cleaning equipment, you can start with a package costing between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000. The price may vary depending on the nominal pressure of the pump equipment. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment can be very expensive to maintain, and repair costs are quite high. Access to cleaning will be limited, as apartments and houses cannot be higher than the 2nd floor. Consequently, you will lose most of the market and business. These systems use a huge amount of water, so the carpet will remain wet for a day or two. Worse … it just cleans the surface and pushes dirt into the carpet, and therefore stains tend to appear shortly after drying. In addition, this method can lead to shrinkage, deformation, rotting, and darkening of the carpet.


  • Carpet cleaning equipment with low moisture content. This solution means no shrinkage, no dryness, rot and mold, which are common problems with other cleaning methods. Equipment for this kind of cleaning is cleaned deeply and completely and the soil is removed in just one pass. The machine removes dirt without leaving a sticky residue, like other cleaning products that attract dirt, like a magnet that again contaminates the carpet. There is a function to disinfect carpets and other surfaces at home or in the office, making them safer and healthier.


Start taking orders

Phone calls often make you talk on the go or while doing work. You can hire an operator. This role can be performed by any family member who is familiar with the computer.

  • Register your company on the “Everis” service. Now it is absolutely free.
  • Make orders in the dispatcher panel, assign performers to them
  • Send orders to your team so that not one order goes unnoticed.
  • Your customers will receive notifications of how soon your team will arrive.

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